• Our startups of 2017 Round 2


    Cross platform editorial planning tool

    Collabrik (Sweden) is a cross-platform editorial planning and collaboration tool for editorial teams and newsrooms.


    Share opinions in a fun and easy way

    With the net.vote platform of Consent.io (Bulgaria) people are able to express their opinion in a fun, easy and understandable way.


    Easy apps for an amazing mobile user experience

    Ivy (Norway) transforms your existing digital content into an amazing mobile user experience. No matter the CMS or API.


    Building powerful information feeds

    Krzana (United Kingdom) is the tool for digital news gathering. The tool uses AI to make powerful custom information feeds.

    Media Vox Pop

    Video content generator for newsrooms

    Media Vox Pop (Italy) provides a simple way to collect user generated videos across different platforms.


    The 'watching together' SAAS solution

    Sceenic (United Kingdom) helps media transform their video platforms into live watch experiences for real fan engagement.


    Automated tagging with image recognition

    Sensifai (Belgium) has cutting edge software that enables automated tagging, recommendations and summarization.

    Simply Aloud

    Short audio articles with a web widget

    Simply Aloud (United Kingdom) create short audio articles of existing texts. They can be played with a widget integrated in a website.


    A modern day TV guide for live streams

    Streamtime (Germany) offers an app that is a modern day TV guide for live streams with reminders and new content discovery.


    A 'Smartwall' for paying for content

    The 'Smartwall' of SwissPay (Switzerland) helps publishers to monitize one-time readers better and convert them into subscribers.


    Universal video player for all platforms

    THEOplayer (Belgium) provides a single player ('Universal Player') across all major devices, platforms and browsers.


    Delivering insights in the use of video content

    Vidpulse (Greece) delivers real time analytics about online videos such as viewer engagement, drop off points and video completes.


    Managing, publishing and selling video content

    Vixy (the Netherlands) gives video content owners the tools to professionally manage, publish and analyze video for all platforms.

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