• Program for media companies

    MediaMatters offers media companies a unique platform to meet international startups and scale-ups with innovative media solutions. These startups are looking for partners to grow, the media companies are looking for ideas to further their business. MediaMatters brings together these two to work on new products and services or to improve the existing business,


    The program for the second half of 2017:

    Our program for the first half year of 2017

    MediaMatters constantly searches for startups and scale-ups that are relevant for media companies and puts them in a database. Twice a year, MediaMatters organizes an event (the MatchMaking Days) in which media companies and startups can meet and investigate whether they want to work together. We also help sharpen the proposition and challenges of startups and media companies. In the case of a match, startups and media companies will co-operate for a month, with guidance and coaching from MediaMatters.


    Our offer:



    • Continuous scouting of relevant startups and scale-ups
    • Formulating challenges of media companies
    • Executive board session
    • Possibility for targeted search


    MatchMaking (twice a year)

    • Organizing call for application of startups
    • Selection of 15 – 20 startups for MatchMaking Days
    • Innovation workshops during MatchMaking Days (2,5 days)
    • Final pitch en selection for matches by media companies
    • Coaching and guidance of matches and start of cooperation
    • Demo Day with workshops
    • One on one linking between startups and media companies outside program
    • Alumni program



    • Enterprise accelerator (search and growth)
    • Masterclasses for media companies
    • Collaboration program after Demo Day

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