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    Six media companies are currently full member of the MediaMatters program. Four of them, NPO, AVROTROS, BNNVARA and EO are part of the public broadcasting system in the Netherlands. Talpa operates four tv channels: SBS6, SBS9, NET5 and Veronica and also owns Talpa Radio, with the radio stations Radio 538, Radio 10, Sky Radio and Radio Veronica. The ANP is the Dutch national news agency. Learn more about our clients in the slideshow below.

  • Talpa

    Talpa operates and owns four tv channels and four radio stations.


    BNNVARA is a Dutch broadcasting association that was founded on 1 January 2014. Its membership consists of the BNN (founded 1997) and VARA (founded 1925).


    The ANP is the Dutch national news agency. It was founded 11 December 1934 by the Dutch national newspapers.


    NPO is is a Dutch public broadcasting organization that administers the public broadcasting service in the Netherlands.


    AVROTROS is a Dutch radio and television broadcaster, dating back to 1927. AVROTROS resulted in 2014 from a merger of its predecessors AVRO and TROS

    Evangelische Omroep

    EO is an evangelical broadcasting organization. It is part of the Dutch public broadcasting system.

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