• What startups think of us

    Frank Feulner, AX Semantics

    "Definitely helpful: the contacts and the information about the current needs and thinking of Dutch media companies. Really a sweet spot: the selection of mature and professional startups made this accelerator into one of the most useful I ever attended. I literally had the time of my life with you guys. The programme and the takeouts we made, were received very well among my fellow executives back in Stuttgart." (Marks the program with a 10)

    Duane Atkins, EzyInsights

    "The professionalism of the team providing the program was outstanding. Everything was done well and it's obvious that the team has experience in this area so our time was used in a valuable way. Big thumbs up guys! Guys, this was one of the best accelerator programs I've ever seen and/or attended. It was targeted, focused and had clear goals. It’s like you designed the program exactly for our needs. 10 out of 10."

    Eliran Lazar, PushApps

    "It was great to connect to relevant clients and to hear the publishers describing their problems. Thank you for inviting me. It was a great experience and well organized." (Marks the program with a 10)

    Erik Hauters, Tinkerlist

    "The workshops were very interesting. We really appreciated the open minds of the media partners and the willingness to cooperate and understand the problems the startups try to solve. Please continue the way you do." (Marks the program with an 8)

    Jouko Huismans, Graphlr

    "The MediaMatters program gave us better insights in the needs and challenges of mediacompanies to improve our product-market fit. Helpful was the contact with other startups, feedback from media companies and knowledge transfer from the team." (Marks the program with a 7)

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