• Our startups of 2017 Round 1

    Meet the 14 startups from 7 countries that participated in the first round of our 2017 program!

    Angry Bytes

    Interactive multiscreen experiences

    Angry Bytes (the Netherlands) has an easy to use do-it-yourself platform to create high quality interactive multiscreen experiences for radio and tv.


    The next generation of video commerce

    Appiness (Belgium) makes time-stamped products and brands in local and international video shoppable on any smart device.

    AX Semantics

    Natural language generation technology

    AX Semantics (Germany) is able to produce stories in editorial quality out of structured data. It does that in 22 languages, including Dutch.


    Messaging becomes contextual

    Chestnote (Belgium) transforms messages into treasures, and unlocking them is an matter of being in the right place at the right time.


    Helping businesses becoming data driven

    The platform of Contiamo (Germany) enables you to to analyze data from any source to discover insights and make smarter decisions.


    Blockchain based distribution platform

    The technology of DECENT (Switzerland) allows borderless publishing if any digital content and ensures trust and security.


    Modern data platform for publishers

    Deep.BI (Poland) helps publishers leverage and monetize the massive amounts of data they produce, reduce churn and optimize business performance.


    Essential tool for journalists in the newsroom

    EzyInsights (Finland) offers newsroom a tool to discover content, save time and benchmark the performance of content against competitors.


    The smart content management system

    Graphlr (the Netherlands) offers a backend system based on the graph database technology to streamline the content workflow and collect real time data,


    Creating multi-camera stories for mobile devices

    With Groupclip (the Netherlands) everyone can create compelling multi-camera video stories and edit them in just minutes at a fraction of the cost.


    The off line touchpoint management system

    The platform of inBeacon (the Netherlands) offers an extensive set of sophisticated options to create contextually aware campaigns using beacon technology.


    Making push notifications more valuable

    PushApps (Israel) uses personalized and interactive features to enrich push notifications. The technology can double CTR and revenue.


    Unified online platform for creative television teams

    Tinkerlist (Belgium) offers a fully integrated tool to support television production teams in creating content and managing workflows.


    Low cost camera system for broadcast

    Uscoutfor (the Netherlands) has developed unique technology that records sports matches automatically and uses behavioral analysis to detect goals and analyze matches.

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