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    We are passionate about innovation in media

    Rick van Dijk

    Founder and program manager

    Rick van Dijk graduated as an economist at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After working at several hospitals, he started working at the Dutch Journalism Fund in 1999. He was responsible for the internal organization and the decision making process around grant applications. His main interests on a professional level are: technology & innovation, media & journalism and business & economics and the link between them. In 2016 Rick founded MediaMatters.


    Contact Rick via +31624632249 or [email protected].

    Bert Kok

    Co-founder and business manager

    Bert is a seasoned media professional who knows how to bring content, technology and business together in an effective way. He has a background in journalism and worked for newspapers, radio, magazines and the Dutch news agency ANP. Bert's passion has always been innovation in media. His ambition is to constantly push the digital transformation of the media industry and to help create a sustainable future for this business. Bert holds an Executive MBA in Crossmedia.


    Contact Bert via +31682775092 or [email protected].


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